Covers and blends

  1. A Stranger's Shadow by Kayleigh BeardMarkus Adams
  2. Purple Tears by Markus Adams
  3. Space Odyssey (vangoldfarre) by Markus Adams
  4. Taurus Ii - Mike Oldfield Cover - Collaboration Project by Markus Adams
  5. Affect And Effect by AelaMarkus Adams
  6. Jmj Zoolook - Ethnicolor Pt.1 - Revisited - Markus Adams Dance Remix by Markus Adams
  7. Why by Amy MoffittMarkus Adams
  8. Dark Minds Project by Plöq-ceeMarkus Adams
  9. The Ghosts Of Christmas Present (feat. Content Panda) by Content PandaMarkus Adams
  10. My Fresh Skin Decays by Content PandaMarkus Adams
  11. Keep You Out by I Am Snow AngelMarkus Adams
  12. Keep You Out by I Am Snow Angel
  13. Rey's Theme From Star Wars Vii (synth Remix) Project by Markus Adams
  14. Afterglow - Genesis - (markus Adams Coverremix) by Markus Adams
  15. Sleep In (from Telekinesis) by Markus Adams
  16. Flashbacks by EmikaMarkus Adams
  17. Ich Bin Ein Berliner (from Electrobongo) by ElectroBongoMarkus Adams
  18. A Dream Within A Dream - The Raven - Alan Parsons Cover by Markus Adams
  19. Silence by FountainMarkus Adams
  20. Moist - Me And You by DEACTIVATE meMarkus Adams
  21. All I Want Is To Be Your Girl by Holly MirandaMarkus Adams
  22. Summertime by The SkinsMarkus Adams
  23. Annies Song - Synth Pop Version Project by Markus Adams
  24. The Only One Stems by Erin BarraMarkus Adams
  25. I'm A Beast by Sir FosterMarkus Adams