Perymaysin R&B Remixes

  1. Paradise By Ekko Remix by Perymaysin
  2. Suit & Tie Remix by Perymaysin
  3. So Lonely by EASY FREAKPerymaysin
  4. Us (featuring Josh Rubin) by FlapoPerymaysin
  5. Love Is At The Core Project by DiViNCiPerymaysin
  6. Am I Alive by From Indian LakesLive Alive StudiosPerymaysin
  7. I Am A Strange Loop by Moon BouncePerymaysin
  8. Hoping And Waiting Stems by Vaness AlegacyPerymaysin
  9. Because Of You Stems by Erin BarraPerymaysin
  10. Diana Ross Love Hangover Remix by Perymaysin
  11. The Beatles Eleanor Rigby Remix by Perymaysin
  12. Beauty Speaks Chantae Cann by Chantae CannPerymaysin
  13. Pain by SplitbreedPerymaysin
  14. Static Project by Perymaysin
  15. Lay Low by Neon VinesPerymaysin