Markus Adams

Musician, composer, songwriter, producer from Southwest Germany. I mainly do instrumental music, but I won't limit myself to one genre. The current musical thread in my tracks is electronic ambient folk. But if you listen to my whole body of work here, on soundcloud or on spotify, you will see that my taste and style are quite eclectic. So pick the tracks you like and enjoy them

  1. Angry Love - Stems by The golden ufoMarkus Adams
  2. No Gummy Bears For The Genie - Ready For Remix Project by Markus Adams
  3. Lowdownbump by Markus Adams
  4. I'm A Beast by Sir FosterMarkus Adams
  5. Verzʌtsiliʌ by DRKИSTMarkus Adams
  6. Tensalive Project by Markus Adams
  7. Broken Orchestra Remix Contest by Symphony for a Broken OrchestraMarkus Adams
  8. Spread The Love Project by Markus Adams
  9. Boom (there Cannot Be Too Much Onion In My Fajita) Project by Markus Adams
  10. Because Of You Stems by Erin BarraMarkus Adams