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DRKNST brings new collaboration 'Sigma' to Blend, Win uHe's Repro-1 & Strobe 2 by FXpansion

French Blend Artist DRKNST (who also happens to be one of the founding members of IMBAS) returns with a new track released on OddeoNetwerx.label. DRKNST has published the stems and Ableton project for the single Sigma which was created with uHe's Re-pro1.


Now DRKNST is looking to collaborate with the Blend community for new remixes and will feature them on a OddeoNetwerx release. That's not all though! We have the amazing folks from uHe and FXpansion providing prizes to the grand prize winner. Are you ready to collaborate on Sigma?


Here's how to get involved:

1) Pull DRKNST's project for Abelton or Stems

2) Create your remix 

3) Publish your update to either project by August 25th 


And that's it! 


Double your chances of winning by using the demo of Repo-1 or Strobe 2 in your remix! DRKNST will review all of the submissions and pick one grand prize winner to be featured on the release and win a copy of uHe's Repro. First place will win Strobe 2 from FXpansion. DRKNST will also pick 2 runner ups to be featured on Blend and the label release! Let's start remixing. 


Sigmʌ by DRKИST

Deadline: August 25, 2019

Sigmʌ Stems


Recently released with Oddeo Netwerx label, Sigma is featured for a remix contest on Blend. 3 winners will be selected for the official Sigma remix...

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