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Winners Announced

Check them out below.

Create a New Track with Modularps 2 LE, Win New Software from AudioModern

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

AudioModern has continued to craft powerful new instruments and sounds for producers to improve their production led by Max Million and other talented sound designers. We are teaming up again with AudioModern for the Blend communuty to try out Modularps 2 LE a twisted library of hundreds of highly produced sequences samples with advances tweaking effects like Stutter, Convolution Reverb, Delay, EQ, Drive and more that automatically sync to your’s DAW tempos.


Modularps 2 Lite is absolutely free and we are excited to see what you come with featuring the instrument in your next track. Are you ready to explore new loops and get creative?


Here’s how to get involved:


  1. Download Modularps2 LE by AudioModern

  2. Create a new track in your DAW of choice

  3. Publish your track with tag MODULARPS by January 1st to submit your track


And that’s it!


AudioModern will review all of the new tracks created with Modularps LE and pick their 3 favorite producers to win the various products. First place will win 'Random Chords Generator' & 'Random Groove Generator', Second Place will win 'Random Groove Generator', and Third Place will win an AudioModern Max for Live Devices of your choice. Are you ready to start making music with AudioModern’s software? Let’s get creative!


Big thanks to AudioModern for teaming up with us and everyone who explored Modularps2 LE in their new tracks. AudioModern listened to all of the creative submissions featuring the instrument and are happy to announce Hartmut Schmidt, AgentsSmith, and Juozas Kimtys are the winners for this production challenge! Check out their incredible tracks below: 

1st Place

Here is my entry for the MUDULARPS-contest. I used 3 samples of MODULARPS 2 LE as well as some phrases of a samplepack I own, altered with Melodyne and Soundtoys. Hope you like my tune!
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Allen Vallieres2 years ago
Only one word: WOW! Allen
ElectroBongo2 years ago
Yeah! Congrats.
Hartmut Schmidt2 years ago
Thanks, guys! I´m very happy! @Sunitram and @Juozas Kimtys
rgrgqg2 months ago
Pulled this project.
Joel Friedrich3 months ago
Pulled this project.
Paul Vega6 months ago
Pulled this project.

2nd Place

This is our song, made for the MODULARPS-contest. We took two samples of MODULARPS, tweaked and twisted them and created a song around it, topped by two vocal-samples from a samplepack. We hope, you like the result.
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AgentsSmith2 years ago
Hi @Sunitram and @Juozas Kimtys - thanks a lot!
Sunitram2 years ago
Juozas Kimtys2 years ago
tkrz2k208 months ago
Pulled this project.
tawanga year ago
Pulled this project.

3rd Place

118.07 MB(7 files)
120 BPM
2 Audio, 4 Midi tracks
Participating in challenge to create music by using MODULARPS2.
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Juozas Kimtys2 years ago
Thank you @Sunitram :)
Sunitram2 years ago
Juozas Kimtys2 years ago
I have add the tag MODULARPS.

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