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BAZOOKA invites you to remix his beat, Win Geist from FXpansion

BAZOOKA has been passionately producing music since he was 13 and has developed into a prolific producer releasing various tracks on Spotify and more. He has won various production challenges on Blend, and continues to publish lush thumping beats for the community to collaborate on.


One beat that caught our ears is higherdreamshigherhopes and instantly wanted to feature it on Blend! BAZOOKA shared that "I’ve always enjoyed to listen to hip hop / chill songs, and I wondered if I could make something similar with my style, so I gave it a shot, and this is what I ended up making. I also never really tried to incorporate vocal elements into my songs, so this is one of my first attempts, and I think it came out pretty good! Give it a listen and give me your best shot at making a remix of it!". Are you ready to collaborate with BAZOOKA?


Here's how to get involved:


1) Pull BAZOOKA's higherdreamshigherhopes Ableton project

2) Create your remix

3) Publish your update by December 13th 2019 to have your remix heard and be considered by BAZOOKA 

And that's it!


BAZOOKA will listen to all of the remixes and select his top 3 to receive Geist from FXpansion. He also will release the first place winner's remix on Spotify and Soundcloud. Let's start remixing! 

Deadline: December 13, 2019

Bazooka - Higherdreamshigherhopes


Are you ready to collaborate with BAZOOKA? Publish your remix by December 13th to get a chance to win Geist! The grand prize winner will have an...

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