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Create a Track Using the Demo Version of Soundtoys 5 for a Chance to Win!


This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

Soundtoys are known for their powerful and creative plug-in suite used by iconic producers including Trent ReznorDavid Sitek of TV On The Radio,Atticus Ross and others. The plug-in bundle is packed with character and perfectly blends the classic analog gear sound with a modern and very musical twist. With Soundtoys 5, the team have combined their entire range of audio effects - 18 in total - into one powerful collection which includes the hugely popular EchoBoy, Decapitator, Crystallizer and others.

Soundtoys has now teamed up with Blend to offer an opportunity to explore and create with Soundtoys 5 for a chance to win the complete version valued at $499!

Here’s How This Works:

  1. Download the free 30 day trial of Soundtoys 5
  2. Create an original track which uses the plugins in a creative way.
  3. Publish your project on Blend with tag SOUNDTOYS5 by January 11th 2016

And that’s it!

1st Place

This is my entry for the Soundtoys 5 production challenge. All I can say is that the last week and a half has been all about learning these superb plugins. The depth one can go with them is surreal so I quickly found myself making weird atmospheres and strange soundscapes not knowing where on earth I was going with it. The result was a dark cinematic musical journey to the edges of my imagination. I tried to use the plugins creatively so I tried to go through all the buttons and knobs to see what I could do with them. I read through a couple of manuals and they really helped, and it has to be said that I did enjoy reading them. I also tried to use each plugin in such a way that it would work well with the sound being affected and that the affect could be noticeable. All in all, this has been a great experience for me and a great way to start a new year. Very inspiring, makes me want to get into film scoring.
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Katanchique8 years ago
amazing...great job, mate
liraph8 years ago
Thanks, guys! Didn't have time to properly mix this, hopefully will revisit sometime down the line.
Sebastian Schmidt8 years ago
Cool Track !
Ollie Ma year ago
Pulled this project.
pitito7 years ago
Pulled this project.
@diebesetene8 years ago
Pulled this project.

2nd Place

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