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Create a Track with U-He's Diva Synth Trial for Chance to Win the Full Version

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

u-he was inspired by warm, fat, classic synthesizer sounds to create Diva (short for Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue). It’s an incredible emulator featuring oscillators, filters and envelopes closely modeling vintage mono and polyphonic synths. Diva has unique capabilities that most VST’s don’t have, allowing you to mix and match modules to build hybrids. It’s also regarded the first native software that applies methods from industrial circuit simulators in real time.


u-he invites you to explore Diva’s features and big library of tasteful presets in the context of new original tracks. We will listen to all of your tracks and u-he will select two winners to win the full license of u-he’s Diva. Here’s how it works:


  1. Download the u-he Diva demo for Mac or Windows

  2. Create a track using the demo version of DIVA

  3. Publish your track by September 5th with tag “DIVACONTEST” to be considered a winner.


In early September, Blend & u-he will listen to all of the submissions and narrow down to two winning producers who will receive the full version and be featured on Blend’s Staff Pick. We can’t wait to hear what you create. Get to it!


We would like to thank the Blend community for participating in this contest with uHe's DIVA. After reviewing all submissions, we are happy to announce the winners for this contest are Monochrome Echo and Yannis Bordas. Check out their track below:

1st Place

This is my entry for the U-He Diva contest. Just going through some of the presets it's clear how powerful this synth is. It's been tricky avoiding the crackles from the demo version but i worked out that could usually freeze a four bar section before they kicked in on each instance of Diva (I'm running 6 instances in this project, including the snare sound).This meant that some longer sections had to be cut up which was a shame for decays and reverb trails but at least the finished track is clean and i think i managed to cover up the cracks. Have been watching Stranger Things on Netflix this week and it seems that the soundtrack has crept into my brain a bit. Hope you like it...
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Monochrome Echo8 years ago
@Markus Adams Having just registered my copy, I have a sneaking suspicion it might actually be the default setting!! Eek!! 😳
Markus Adams8 years ago
well deserved, though I still wanna know the name of that patch :-)
Monochrome Echo8 years ago
Thanks @Victor.VL!
golden heron2 years ago
Pulled this project.
young4 years ago
Pulled this project.
Ismael Barajas8 years ago
Pulled this project.

2nd Place

51.97 MB(2 files)
No plugins detected.
No description.
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haui8 years ago
Caleb8 years ago
Hartmut Schmidt8 years ago
SUKUMARa month ago
Pulled this project.
patricia martinez3 months ago
Pulled this project.
Keedo14 months ago
Pulled this project.

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