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Collaborate with Human Pyramids, Get on The Official Release & More!

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

Scottish composer Paul Russell is the multi-instrumentalist and mastermind behind Human Pyramids. The project features a number of handpicked musicians spread throughout the UK performing an explosive mix of punk, electronica and sweeping orchestral arrangements. 

Human Pyramids has published the stems to the debut single "Crackle Pop" taken from the album Home where Paul had the chance to assemble his favourite musicians, arrangers and producers to work with on the album. Paul shared that "Crackle Pop started its life as a sonic experiment, programming lush synth sounds by layering up square waves on top of each other .. I wondered what it would sound like to have these layers played on String and Brass Quartet instead of a synth and it sounded quite magical!  I used this as the foundation for the track and the rest wrote itself very quickly, with a couple of nods to Ratatat and NIN along the way!". Are you ready to collaborate with Human Pyramids? 

Here is how to get involved:


1) Pull the stems for "Crackle Pop" by Human Pyramids

2) Remix the stems in your DAW of choice

3) Publish your update by April 15th to have Human Pyramids hear your submission


And that's it!


Paul will listen to all of the remixes and pick his favorite to be featured on Human Pyramids bandcamp as well as win a copy of ROLI's Equator. 


We thank the Blend community for collaborating with Human Pyramids! After reviewing all of the submissions, Paul has picked UK producer IBribedTheArchitect for his awesome sonic thumping remix. Check out his remix below and look out for upcoming features:

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Excited for you to remix 'Crackle Pop' off my recent album and win some cool prizes. Deadline is MARCH 16th. Details here - http://bit.ly/2riO976
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IBribedTheArchitecta year ago
Thanks, I had no idea until I got an email about your comment. No plans to do anything else like this; only did this one 'cause I like Human Pyramids.
Herb Strikea year ago
congrats on the win on this one bud well deserved got anymore works in the pipe line?
IBribedTheArchitecta year ago
Cheers, man! I did end up losing a couple of days to this experiment but it was a lot of fun.

Deadline for entry has expired.

(But you can still pull this project.)

90 BPM

Crackle Pop

Human Pyramids

Excited for you to remix 'Crackle Pop' off my recent album and win some cool prizes. Deadline is MARCH 16th. Details here - http://bit.ly/2riO976

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