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Maltida Jonsson Calls for Remixes For "Because of You" Produced by Erin Barra

Swedish pop singer songwriter Matilda Jonsson brings her real experiences to a dreamy pop world led by her melodic hooks and poetic lyrics. Matilda has already begun to build her name at age 22 with her earlier singles “Red Lips” and “Oh Father”, she is now gearing up for her debut EP out later this year.


Recently majoring in Songwriting at Berklee College of Music, she linked up with Erin Barra who helped produce her new single “Because of You”. Matilda reflected on the songwriting process sharing “I wrote “Because of You” during a period of college when i had strong feelings for my friend and music classmate. I thought to myself, how can someone i just met and i didn't really know much about have this much of an influence on me. All because of him i felt beautiful and happy and excited but also judgmental, sad and hidden. So i wrote a song about it, to deal with the feelings better.”

Matilda wants to collaborate with the Blend community and invites you to remix her new single for a chance to be featured on the upcoming remix release.


Here is how to get involved:


  1. Pull the stems for “Because of You” from Erin Barra’s profile

  2. Create your remix in your DAW of choice

  3. Publish your update by September 15th to submit your remix.


Matilda will review all of the submissions and announce her favorite remixes to be featured on the remix EP in September. Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s start remixing!

Deadline: September 15, 2017
108 BPM

Because Of You Stems

Erin Barra

These are the vocal stems for 'All Because of You' by Swedish artist, Matilda. The song is at 108 bpm and it's in D Dorian. I put the synth stem in...

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