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Remix “I Am A Strange Loop” by Moon Bounce, Win Software from FXpansion, etc.

Philadelphia’s mutant pop pioneer Moon Bounce walks the fine line between creation and disintegration. Moon Bounce has a signature sound that combines his soulful vocals, bombastic percussion and explosive synthesis; obsessed with groove, yet on the verge of falling apart. The recent EP “Strange Loop”, out now on Moving Castle, captures tight rhythmic grooves with dreamy melodic vocal hooks that grab your attention.

Moon Bounce shared some of the inspiration behind the track expressing "I Am A Strange Loop" is directly influenced by the work of Douglas Hofstadter, author of the book who shares this song's title. His theories about recursive patterning within thought being the mother of human sentience are extremely profound to me. There's something simultaneously frightening and ecstatic about the idea that the "I", or sense of self, is an illusory hallucination borne from self reference. This song attempts to ride that wild parabola of emotion."

Now Moon Bounce invites you to remix "I Am A Strange Loop". Here is how to get involved:

  1. Pull Moon Bounce’s Stems

  2. Create your remix in your DAW of choice

  3. Make sure to publish your update by October 30th to have your remix heard and considered to be a winner

And thats it!

Moon Bounce will listen to all submissions and announce his favorite winning remixes in late October. First place winner will get their remix released by Moving Castle and receive Equator by ROLI. Second place will receive 2 FXpansion Reason Rack Extensions of your choice, a signed copy of Moon Bounce's latest full length LP, Clean House, on clear vinyl and t-shirt. We look forward to hearing your take on "I Am A Strange Loop", lets start remixing!

Deadline: October 30, 2017
65 BPM

I Am A Strange Loop

Moon Bounce

Remix the stems to my track "I Am A Strange Loop". Prizes from FXpansion's Expander Packs and ROLI's Equator! Submit your remix by 10/30

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