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Explore the Afro-Latin Pack “Peri Peri” by Brea-Ker, Create a New Track to Win the Full Pack!

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

Brea-Ker is known for their signature curated packs highlighting the iconic sounds inspired by The Weeknd to Wu-Tang Clan to Fresh Prince of Bell Air, and now the new  Afro-Latin Nandos inspired Pack Peri-Peri. The new pack features high quality sounds of raspy horns, sultry guitars, percussion and rhythm making you feel like traveled to Nados.


Brea-Ker has teamed up with Blend to invite the community to create new music and remix the sounds inside the “Peri Peri” pack for a chance to win some pretty cool software from FXpansion and the enter pack.


Here is how to get involved:


  1. Pull the "PeriPeriChallenge"  project

  2. Create your remix in Logic or your DAW of choice using the Stem project

  3. Publish your update by May 7th to submit your remix and have Brea-Ker review all of the submissions


And that’s it!

Brea-Ker and Blend will review all of the published updates and pick two winner to to receive the full pack and Strobe2 by FXpansion. Lets start remixing and get immersed in the latin sound!


Peri- Peri Stems Project


We are excited to present #PeriPeriChallenge. Peri-Peri is the Afro-Latin Nandos inspired Loop Pack from Brea-Ker. Packed with raspy horns, sultry...

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