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Winners Announced

Check them out below.

Win a Production Pack From the Future!

Master a Blend project with just a Click

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

We are giving away a true future-proof production package: a ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 ($799 value) topped with unlimited CloudBounce HD masters for one full year ($576 value). Enter now, ‘cause the winner takes it all!

To make this even sweeter, you get free mastering for one of your Blend projects directly through CloudBounce right now!

To qualify, simply:

  1. Master one track directly from Blend via CloudBounce by clicking the link below, then publish the updated project with the tag #MasteredWithCloudBounce


Master a Blend Project with CloudBounce


Visit CloudBounce for more information and alternative ways to enter. 

UPDATE: The winner selected by CloudBounce is Sunitram - Congrats! Thanks for everyone who participated! Look out for upcoming production challenges on Blend. Check out his track below: 

Selected Project

groovy track #MasteredWithCloudBounce. Thanks for lending me your ears and as always - enjoy what you hear. Wish me luck!
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MgP3 years ago
Ah, I see, will check out! Thank you!
Sunitram3 years ago
awesome drum machine - MFB is an awesome company - if you haven't check them! @Michael Pauliks
MgP3 years ago
"Tanzbär" Tag :)
Caleb5 years ago
Pulled this project.
Amy Moffitt5 years ago
Pulled this project.
djalanfish5 years ago
Pulled this project.

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