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Sensel Morph Not-Your-Regular-Remix Contest

The Sensel Morph is a revolutionary new controller for the creative producer. Morph’s sensors track every swipe, smack, and press while overlays let you quickly change sounds.

Now Sensel invites you to remix content from their launch video, featuring LA studio rats O.S.T. Check out the intensive session from producer Rayna Zemel on her mixing approach with this material, then pull the set for Ableton Live or stems for any other DAW. This is not your usual remix material of a polished, radio-ready track. It’s a collection of building blocks and themes: tight drumming, great melodies, wild noise guitar, and solid synth bass, all waiting your creative touch. 

Here is how to get involved:

  1. Pull the Ableton project by Sensel

  2. Create your remix

  3. Publish your update by February 1st for the Sensel team to review your submissions

And that's it!

The Sensel team will stream all of the published remixes and reward 3 winning producers to receive some incredible prizes:

Grand Prize:

Sensel Morph Producer’s Kit (Morph, Case, and Piano, Drum Pad, Music Production, and QWERTY Overlays)

1 Year License for Cycling ’74 Max

Glitchmachines Everything Bundle


ROLI Equator software synth

Choice of synth from Arturia V Collection.


Second Prize:

Sensel Morph + Piano Overlay + Drum Overlay

ROLI Equator software synth

Glitchmachines Pack Bundle


Choice of synth from Arturia V Collection

Third Prize:

ROLI Equator software synth

Glitchmachines Fracture XP Plugin

Glitchmachines Parallax Plugin


Choice of synth from Arturia V Collection

We look forward to hearing your remixes. Many thanks to our prize partners:

Deadline: February 1, 2018
120 BPM

Sensel Remix Contest Stems Only

Sensel Morph

Remix these stems before 2/1/18 and win some great prizes from Sensel, Cycling '74 Arturia, Glitchmachines, ROLI, and ELPHNT.

Stems 1.0
335.37 MB
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