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Adrian Younge Welcomes You To Remix His World of Vintage Sounds, Win Prizes from The Drum Broker

Adrian Younge is known for his unique tasteful and classic production on acclaimed releases from The Delfonics, Ghostface Killah and Kendrick Lamar along with various film scores. Younge has spent the last 20 years creating a museum quality production house; a studio created for the purpose of revitalizing his golden era without cutting corners: Linear Labs studios. It's an analog fortress, with no computers, and is touted as one of the best production houses in the world.


Adrian teamed up with The Drum Broker to capture his phenomenal use of vintage instrumentation, analog hardware and discrete recording equipment in a new pack called “Psych, Dark Soul, & Electronic Impressions”. This library is rare access into the audio stems of his bespoke world of meticulously crafted productions, curated for the sole purpose of sampling featuring Harpsichords, Rhodes, Glockenspiels, and more. We are excited Adrian is sharing some of these stems on Blend for you to remix and create new music with for a chance to win prizes from The Drum Broker. Ready to collaborate?


Here’s how to get involved: 

  1. Pull The Drum Brokers Project

  2. Remix the stems from Adrian’s pack

  3. Publish your update to The Drumbrokers project by May 1st to have your remix submitted

The Drum Broker & Adrian will listen to all of the submissions and select 3 winners to receive prizes from The Drum Broker. First prize will receive $250 Drum Broker Credit. The runner up: $100 Credit and 3rd place will get Adrian’s Full “Psych, Dark Soul, & Electronic Impressions” Pack. Let’s pull Adrian’s stems and start remixing!

Deadline: May 1, 2017

Adrian Younge - Memories

The Drum Broker, LLC.

Adrian Younge defines the golden era of recording as music produced within 1968-73’. This canonical period contains some of the best and most...

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