Collaborate on Blend, Distribute Worldwide.

Hack the A&R process on this innovative new record label.

Global distribution to these and other major digital outlets.

Want to see your music on our label?

Get 100 likes on your projects to qualify for a release!

"The New label will work with artists on its cloud-based music collaboration platform to monetize their work."  Read more

"A great opportunity for folks who want to be part of a strong community that can lead to something more."  Read more

"Blend announces record label and distribution deal, giving musicians and fans more control over their music."  Read more


Just Released!

DRKNST: Heterotopia

DRKNST - Heterotopia

Out Now

Leon Switch: Replica

Leon Switch - Replica

Out Now

Flowing Enigma : Flowing Enigma

Flowing Enigma - Flowing Enigma

Out Now

DJ Kakekaze: Division

DJ Kakekaze - Division

Out Now

Various Artists: Ivory House

Various Artists - Ivory House

Out Now

Markus Adams: NOW

Markus Adams - NOW

Out Now

Sunitram: Macro

Sunitram - Macro

Out Now

Ghost Boy: Alive

Ghost Boy - Alive

Out Now

Tommy Hittz: Come Away/Paradise

Tommy Hittz - Come Away/Paradise

Out Now

DJ Kakekaze : I'll Give You Techno

DJ Kakekaze - I'll Give You Techno

Out Now

AKRS: Day Before Tomorrow

AKRS - Day Before Tomorrow

Out Now

Chagall: Sappho Song

Chagall - Sappho Song

Out Now

ElectroBongo: Space House

ElectroBongo - Space House

Out Now

Alessandro Di Paola: Undervoice

Alessandro Di Paola - Undervoice

Out Now

Tim Aaron: Spoken

Tim Aaron - Spoken

Out Now

Tim Wicked: Everyone Trusts A Killer

Tim Wicked - Everyone Trusts A Killer

Out Now

Monochrome Echo: 64 Souls

Monochrome Echo - 64 Souls

Out Now

I Am Snow Angel: Keep You Out

I Am Snow Angel - Keep You Out

Out Now

Various Artists: Assignments Vol 2

Various Artists - Assignments Vol 2

Out Now

Various Artists: Various Blends Vol. 2

Various Artists - Various Blends Vol. 2

Out Now

Johnny Cosmic: Infinite Summer

Johnny Cosmic - Infinite Summer

Out Now

WuTang Parental Advisory: SMD Remixes

WuTang Parental Advisory - SMD Remixes

Out Now

Groove Chemist: Sonic Blend Chemistry

Groove Chemist - Sonic Blend Chemistry

Out Now

N Sifantus: Pyramid Razed

N Sifantus - Pyramid Razed

Out Now

Agent Orange: Through Your Eyes

Agent Orange - Through Your Eyes

Out Now

The Golden UFO: Feeling Like A Shadow

The Golden UFO - Feeling Like A Shadow

Out Now

KOAL : Perpetula

KOAL - Perpetula

Out Now

Various Artists: Assignments Vol 1

Various Artists - Assignments Vol 1

Out Now

Tim Wicked: Understand Remix EP

Tim Wicked - Understand Remix EP

Out Now

Agent Orange: Burning Fire

Agent Orange - Burning Fire

Out Now

Erin Barra: There For You

Erin Barra - There For You

Out Now

Karl Kling: Careful Remix EP

Karl Kling - Careful Remix EP

Out Now

I Am Snow Angel: Walking On Wires

I Am Snow Angel - Walking On Wires

Out Now

Dharma Burner: Death Blow

Dharma Burner - Death Blow

Out Now

Rich Wakley: Find The Groove

Rich Wakley - Find The Groove

Out Now

Erin Barra: Redefined

Erin Barra - Redefined

Out Now

Mad Zach: Kräftig

Mad Zach - Kräftig

Out Now

Davilone: Weakness

Davilone - Weakness

Out Now

Various Blends: Volume 1

Various Blends - Volume 1

Out Now

Upright T-Rex: Two Dots (Soundtrack)

Upright T-Rex - Two Dots (Soundtrack)

Frequently Asked Questions

So, Blend is a label now?
Well, we have a label now. Blend is still the best platform for collaborating and creating music, and now we have a way to help artists on our platform get even more exposure over hundreds of digital outlets worldwide while collecting royalties from the sales.
What's the “sound” of the label? Is there a specific style you want the releases to be?
Good question! Our users define the sound of the label. By gaining the support of fellow Blend artists and fans, you have the power to get your music qualified for a release. We will also be curating some releases from established artists — these tracks will be available for anyone to work with on Blend, too.
What format will the releases be? Singles? EPs / LPs? Compilations?
All of the above!
Are you going to print vinyl / CDs / cassettes?
At this point Blend is a digital only label, though we are currently exploring some limited edition physical versions for upcoming releases. That said, we love physical and as we grow will be looking to do more with it!
What are the deal terms like?
We’ve built our standard deal terms and conditions to be as artist friendly as possible (we know what a headache a ten page contract can be). We don't want to own your masters for 20 years and we're not going to drown you in unknown recoupable costs only to give you a tiny slice of what you've sold after it's all said and done. Our contracts are straight-forward, and comparable to any standard Net-50 you'd find at most independent labels.

Aside from that, we're not here to “A&R” you. We've designed the Blend label so that your music is what gets you signed. We're not here to mess with your creativity or sound (or tell you what shoes to wear).
So once I get 100 likes I'm signed and my record comes out?
Pretty much. 100 likes on a project qualifies it for a release. Once that happens, we will get in touch with you and go over some things to make sure we can release the material (i.e. no uncleared samples, previously released material, or if you're under an exclusive contract with another label... or under 18).
Can I collaborate on a Blend release with my friends?
Of course! That's what Blend was created for. However, for accounting and royalty purposes we can only accept material with up to four (4) artists / collaborators / contributors.
How can I see who's getting qualified for releases?
Easy, just check and of course the Cred Board for some more real time info on who's doing what, when and how. We'll also be expanding all of these tools in the future to help you dig deeper into what's happening on Blend.
I'm an artist with releases on other labels and love what you're doing! Can I release on Blend?
Why yes, and yes! Publish something for us to hear on Blend and hit us up at
I'm signed but my label really loves what you're doing and wants to collab, is that cool?
100% cool. Have them reach out to us at
I've got some more questions that aren't answered here, can I get in touch?
Yep! Drop us a line at
I've got a great idea for this label. Do you take unsolicited advice?
Hey, we built this thing for YOU, we're always open. Please send all your input to