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Aela Welcomes You To Remix “Heaven”, Win Arturia's Analog Lab & More

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

LA based Artist Aela is partnering with Blend again and wants to invite you to remix her new single. Through a saga more akin to a dark fantasy, “Heaven” is the beginning of the story of a small-town Christian girl who is pursued by Satan, as he attempts to convince her to join him in ruling over the Underworld. He has chosen her for some unnatural, sinister reason beyond her understanding, and despite her moral compass, she succumbs to the temptation of his promises and of the unknown, and rides with him in his fiery, oxen-driven chariot as they descend into Hell.

Now Aela invites you to collaborate on her dark fantasy sonic track and create your own remix. Here is how to get involved:


  1. Pull the stems for “Heaven”

  2. Create your remix in your DAW of choice

  3. Publish your update by December 31st 2018


And that’s it!

Aela will listen to all of the remixes and pick one grand prize winner who will get the incredible Arturia's Analog Lab and be featured on the remix release. Let’s start remixing!


Winner Announcement: 

We thank everyone involved in Aela's remix contest and those who produced such awesome remixes! She has listened to all of the submissions and has chosen Madkeim as the winner! Aela shared "You guys definitely didn’t make this easy. Congrats to Madkeim & thank you to everyone who participated! See y’all next time 🤘”. We would also like to thank Arturia for sponsoring this contest with their incredible Analog Lab. Stay tuned for upcoming production challenges. 

Selected Project

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Remix Aela's new single "Heaven" for your chance to win Arturia's Analog Lab and have your remix featured for streaming and for purchase everywhere. Deadline December 31st.
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Miroslav Koša6 months ago
Pulled this project.
Hugø Chærmétrøld6 months ago
Pulled this project.
Android10 months ago
Pulled this project.
bramo4 years ago
Published an update to pulled version.

Deadline for entry has expired.

(But you can still pull this project.)

140 BPM



Remix Aela's new single "Heaven" for your chance to win Arturia's Analog Lab and have your remix featured for streaming and for purchase everywhere....

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