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Create a New Track with Objeq Delay by Applied Acoustics Systems, Win the Full Version!

Applied Acoustics Systems is known for creating premium software synthesizers and audio plugins for musicians inspired by combining their artistic interest with their scientific background to provide a unique experience in the studio.

Applied Acoustics Systems recently released a new extensive creative delay unit called Objeq Delay which goes beyond the traditional delay duties delivering modulator type effects, drum track layering, dynamic loop mangling, drones and one-shot re-crafting. Objeq Delay covers the entire gamut of delay possibilities and Applied Acoustics Systems are excited to hear what you do with it in your next track! Are you ready to give Objeq Delay a spin and make new music with it?


Here’s how to get involved:


  1. Download Objeq Delay trail for Windows or Mac (Note: Demo is active for 15 Days)

  2. Create an original track with Objeq Delay in your DAW of choice

  3. Publish your new track by June 10th with tag OBJEQCONTEST for a chance for your track to be submitted


And that’s it!

All the submissions will be previewed and 3 winners will be selected to receive the full version and be featured on Blend’s staff picks. Let’s get creative and start making music! Check out an overview of Objeq Delay below: