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Create A New Track In 30 Minutes Or Less With D16’s LuSH-101 & You Could Win It!

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

D16 Audio Software invites producers and DJs to create an original track using LuSH-101’s 30 minute demo. LuSH-101 is a multitimbral polyphonic synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuitive design. This basic simplicity combined with its multilayer architecture turns it into an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly and almost effortlessly, leveraging its maximum potential. Do you think you have what it takes to make the LuSH-101 sing?

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Download and install the trial of LuSH-101 - It’s fully functional for 30 minutes
  2. Create an original track using LuSH-101 & freeze the tracks using LuSH-101 before saving it
  3. Publish it on Blend with the tag “LUSH101" no later than midnight on Monday, September 15th

You can use any DAW you like, just make sure to put all the files and a full preview.wav in the project folder. D16 & Blend will review the submissions and select 2 winners to receive a full version of LuSH-101

1st Place

Minimalistic DnB. I wish I had more time to finish this. Also the 30 min was way too short to really craft new sounds. But I managed to make couple of original sounds. I wish I'd win this to properly finish this track ;) Or then I'll have to buy LuSH-101 :P Drums and Sub is not LuSH-101.
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Davilone9 years ago
97% done... I think I'll finalize this some day...
tkrz2k205 years ago
Pulled this project.
DJNAYA9 years ago
Pulled this project.
ART POOLSE9 years ago
Pulled this project.

2nd Place

Winner of and originally made for the Lush competition I have worked more at this and would love to finish it. There still needs to be drums added and a thorough EQing and mastering. All collaborations welcome!
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Sunitram8 years ago
nice ambience and very dreamy
ATomArt9 years ago
OK, here's the original... Love the speech clips. My sidetracked "next" project is suppose to have a lot of speech in it... Will I ever get around to it?!... This is really nice... Gotta cut out now. Great Work! I'll stop by again!....
Ciliptis9 years ago
@Frank Irwin Thats awesome! I did release a rework set for this song but I'm curious to see what you can come up with. Let me know if you need a sample form this that may be missing
Frank Irwin9 years ago
Pulled this project.
toberphonic9 years ago
Pulled this project.
Smith&Paul9 years ago
Pulled this project.
Smith&Paul9 years ago
Published an update to pulled version.

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