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Make a New Track with u-he's Zebra2 and You Could Win the Full License!

u-he’s Zebra2 is a signature modular synthesizer which fuses different types of synthesis powered by a strong modulation engine which you’ve probably heard before used in films such as The Dark Knight, Inception, and Tron:Legacy. It’s renowned for it’s crystal-clear quality allowing you to keep sounds clean or get as dirty as you would like with it’s expressive and natural sounds. Zebra is known for providing infinite possibilities when producing with it’s adaptive interface and thousands of free presets. Are you ready to give it a try?


u-he and Blend are teaming up for a production challenge allowing you to feature Zebra in your next track for a chance to win the full version. Here is how to get involved:


  1. Download the u-he Zebra2 demo for Mac or Windows

  2. Create a new original track in your DAW of choice

  3. Publish your track with tag ZEBRACONTEST by June 20th 2017 to have you track submitted.


And that’s it!


We will listen to all of the submissions and announce the winning tracks based on creativity and production quality to win the full version of u-he’s Zebra2 as well as feature your track in the Blend Staff Picks section. We can’t wait to hear your new track featuring Zebra2, let’s start making some new music!

Check out this overview below: