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Vaness Alegacy Shares New Single, Win Prizes from Fab Filter & More

This feature has ended. We'd like to thank everyone who participated -- you are what makes this community great. Join us in congratulating the winner(s)!

Toronto based Artist Vaness Alegacy recently dropped her new single soulful pop driven single “Hoping & Waiting” produced by Giordan Postorino which has received praise from the Huffington Post and B-Side Badlands.

Alegacy’s inspiration behind the track is about the struggle of watching someone one you  love battle with addiction and the impact it has on the people around you. In the studio Alegacy shared the song was written in a unique way sharing “we were working on another song at the time. I had come up with a bunch of background vocal parts for one of the verses which had the line "hoping and waiting" in it.  Giordan stopped me dead in my tracks and said, "dude!!! I think you just wrote another song here.." We ended up recording the hook right then and there” which led "Hoping and Waiting” to become a fiery powerful song. 


Vaness is excited to collaborate with the Blend community and hear new remixes of the track. Are you ready to collaborate with her?

Here is how to get involved:

  1. Pull the stems for “Hope and Waiting”

  2. Create your remix in your DAW of choice

  3. Publish your update by September 20th to have your remix submitted


And that’s it!

Vaness Alegacy is excited to hear all of the remixes! She will stream all of the submissions and reward her favorite remixes with Pro-MB from Fab Filter which was used in the production of this track. Vaness will also be releasing the remixes on the Blend label due out later this year. Let's start remixing! 


Vaness Alegacy thanks the Blend community for collaborating with her on her new single. She enjoyed every submission and had to narrow down to one favorite for her single which is Jonathan Farrell's remix of “Hope and Waiting”. Congrats Jonathan! Vaness relfected on how his remix made her feel sharing "THIS one stood out above all of them, made me literally lose my mind from the first vocal chop. The groove is so undeniable, its a perfect remix !!! I  LOVE IT!!!!!". Vaness's producer G. Postorino even chimed in with his thoughts stating "If I had anything to say about it, it would be that it's just undeniable. There's no substitute for a delicious groove. It's relentlessness is what makes it so awesome." Jonathan Farrell's remix will be released on the Blend label and he has won Pro-MB from Fab Filter. Thanks to everyone for collaborating, and our friends at Fab Filter! Check out Jonathan's remix below:

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looking for remixes!!
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Jonathan Farrell7 months ago
Your Welcome! @Chris Kuczek
Chris Kuczek7 months ago
Great job. Thanks!
Jonathan Farrell9 months ago

Deadline for entry has expired.

(But you can still pull this project.)

88 BPM

Hoping And Waiting Stems

Vaness Alegacy

looking for remixes!!

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